Our Advice to Clients

Tips from industry-expert recruiters for successful hiring.

Recruiters’ Advice to Clients

Follow these tips to ensure your next hire is a success.

Preparation Is Key

Your hiring manager should work closely with a top-notch recruiter to prepare for the hiring process. The first step is creating a job description that will get results. A great recruiter will help you identify the technical skills you need for the opening and the human attributes (personality, communication skills, etc.) the right candidate must possess. Remember: the better your job description, the faster your opening will be filled.

Adopt a Sense of Urgency

View the hiring process like a project; meet your goal of hiring the best candidate in the shortest time. Indecisiveness, time delays, budget reviews, and other stumbling blocks send a message to the candidate about the company’s lack of focus. Help your recruiter streamline the hiring process by being present for each step, ready to participate and make decisions.

Cost-Benefit Analysis

Good people are an investment, not an expense. Listen to your recruiter’s advice regarding the market’s going rate, and extend your best offer the first time rather than playing games. Remember that if you want the best people working for your company, you have to be willing to pay them the best rate.

Timing Is Everything

Corporate America’s traditional interviewing, evaluation, and hiring processes are causing many companies to let good candidates slip away. Keep these statistics in mind:

Today’s Candidate

In today’s candidate-driven, skills-driven marketplace, it’s the hiring manager’s responsibility to “sell” the quality, financial stability, and advancement opportunities of the company to the candidate. Today’s best candidates receive multiple offers from the best companies – you are competing with those companies for limited resources.

The Bottom Line

Slow response time is causing many companies to lose their most valuable resource: personnel. Leaving positions unfilled can cost millions in lost revenue. Companies that move quickly to hire gain a huge competitive advantage – and Analog Solutions is here to help you do just that.

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