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Analog Solutions assembles outstanding executive technology teams in analog and mixed-signal semiconductor and nanotechnology world. Founded in 1986, we have more than 35 years of experience connecting top talent with high-performing organizations in Silicon Valley and nationwide, as well as in Europe, Asia, and across the globe.
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…by offering a specialized service to a select group of growing companies as well as the skilled candidates we place. In today’s business world, employers must depend on the abilities of recruiters, the quality of their judgment, the depth of their resources, ingenuity, and integrity. Candidates need recruiters who know their industry inside and out and won’t rest until all parties are happy. At Analog Solutions, we’re proud to provide this level of world-class service to the businesses and candidates we serve every day. 

We continually strive to maintain our competitive advantage through our detailed knowledge of the analog community and the close partnerships we form with clients and job seekers.

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