Fowler Recruiting, LLC.¬†dba¬†Analog Solutions main focus is to help assemble “Outstanding” Executive and Technology Teams within the Analog and Mixed Signal Semiconductor and Nanotechnology world.

We stand apart from other recruiting firms by offering a specialized service to a select group of growing companies. In today’s business world, employers must depend on the abilities of a recruiter, the quality of their judgment, depth of their resources, ingenuity and integrity. We offer our clients the opportunity to work with the industries’ very best, low volume, high service organization.

If your unique requirements involve a high degree of urgency, confidentiality, and position market analysis, we offer Retained Search. This method usually requires a time frame from four to six weeks from inception to completion. Our second most popular method, Contingent Search, is most often selected by our clients when their requirement is less urgent. Time to completion may vary from four weeks to three months depending upon our workload. Our professional approach is one of being very proactive, versus reactionary in finding and helping our clients recruit the industries best talent.

Analog Solutions success rests squarely upon our Founder and President Gary G. Fowler. Gary has over 30 years recruiting experience and in that time has been very influential in helping our clients recruit the best talent within their respective space. He is repeatedly recognized by peers, clients and candidates alike as an “outstanding recruiter” who pays attention to “all of the details.” A former Management Recruiters International “Nation’s Top Ten” recruiter, he formed Analog Solutions in 1986 to establish an organization which could meet the needs of his clients in a more direct and effective way. His commitment, drive, and integrity are second to none in a field where there is a tremendous cross section of people. His leadership and recruiting skills have inspired many recruiters covering a variety of disciplines. He has been on several “Top Producer” panels at recruiting seminars and conferences.

At Analog Solutions, we are convinced that our detailed knowledge of the Analog Community provides our clients with an advantage on their competition. We view our client/recruiter relationship to be a partnership. We take pride in helping you our client become a stronger organization from top to bottom. We are continually striving to maintain our competitive advantage by ensuring that we continue to improve and become a better organization.

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