“Gary wins my Achieve Award for 2014 Outstanding Analog Recruiter. I know that I speak for many. Gary is a professional and outstanding in his field.”
– Brad Parish, Human Resources Development


“Gary is the best analog recruiter that I have ever worked with. He always produced great results and seemed to be in touch with every matching candidate. I have worked with him for over 15 years.”
– Jim Mccreary Ph.D., Vice President Engineering, CTO Analog Products, Consultant


“I have been knowing Gary for 6+ years, probably met him in ISSCC at San Francisco. He provided talents while I was a hiring manager. He also marketed myself to his clients in the past. He is a very trust worthy recruiter in the analog/mixed-signal domain where he knows the subjects well and keeps good track of the design experts. He also knows well the market/venture trend. He is probably the only recruiter that I have built a strong personal relationship.”
– Shenggao Li, Analog Design Manager at Intel Corporation


“Gary did a few difficult searches for me in the last few years.The thing I like best about Gary is that he understands what I’m looking for. The ramp period was very short. The resumes he sent were spot-on in terms of qualifications.”
– Andre Chartrand, VP Engineering at Solarflare Communications


“Gary is exceptionally well connected to engineers and executives within the wireless, mixed signal, IC design community. Gary will provide straight forward and well vetted assessments of a candidate’s skill set, as well as a clear understanding of the strengths and weaknesses of competitive opportunities. Gary works diligently to recruit, coach and deliver key players that will become the core of you design team.”
– Bob Koupal, Director of Operations, Maxim Integrated


“I have worked with Gary multiple times in the past, which is a testament to his professionalism and results. I value Gary’s hard work, as well as his high integrity, but most of all in giving me an honest assessment of people and situations. I look forward to continue to work with Gary on future assignments!”
– Jay Cormier, COO at Semitrex & SVP at Lintelus


“Gary is a no-nonsense, get it done expert recruiter in the semiconductor industry. I relied heavily on Gary and Analog Solutions for our most difficult hires and I could always count on Gary to deliver a just-in-time A player.”
– Kelley Steven-Waiss, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Human Resources at Extreme Networks


“Gary has an exceptional list of highly talented professionals whom he has formed outstanding relationships with over many years. He is very reliable and trustworthy and works diligently to outperform his client’s expectations.”
– Arman Naghavi, Vice President & General Manager at Integrated Device Technology Inc


“Gary and Analog Solutions have been our go to guys for best mixed signal talent recruiting.”
– Behzad Sadeghi, Semtech Corp


“Gary is one of the best, if not THE best in the high tech industry. My company used him on multiple occasions with stellar results.”
– Everett “Buddy” Rogers, CFO at Solar Array Ventures, Inc.


“Gary is a top-notch recruiter with superb, in-depth understanding of the mixed-signal industry, excellent business sense, and second-to-none network of top talent.”
– Lee Stoian, Executive Chairman at Jade Sky Technologies


“Gary and the entire Analog Solutions staff get the job done when it comes so recruiting hard-to-find analog, RF, and mixed-signal design talent. They make a point to attend events where they meet such designers in person and regularly stay in touch with their whereabouts in industry, allowing them to pinpoint the people you need.”
– Bruno Garlepp, Managing Director, Silicon Valley Design Center at Silicon Laboratories


“Gary was one of our prime recruiters during my tenure at Amalfi Semiconductor, i can recommend him strongly to others as he is talented in what he does. We found that Gary’s recommendations, once hired, became very strong engineering performers. He has great insights into talent and follows through in a consistent, efficient fashion. I highly recommend him to others.”
– Jim Finch, VP, Americas at MIPS Technologies


“Gary is one of the best analog mixed-signal recruiter in industry. He understands the industry well and has very good connections to engineers/executives at each level. I will highly recommend Gary for any semiconductor recruiting need.”
– Tarun Gupta, VP Mixed-Signal Design at Applied Micro


“Gary has a number of high value contacts in the technology and specifically semiconductor space. He is knowledgeable about the industry and that makes him an asset when recruiting. I have worked with Gary to find personnel and he has delivered candidates that are well qualified.”
– Ken Huening, Vice President Quality Assurance at Skyworks Solutions, Inc.


“Gary is one of the best executive recruiters in the United States that I have worked with. He is very well connected from IC design engineers to most semiconductor CEOs and thus can effectively recruit at all levels of the organization. He is very responsive and reachable and tries to work out the best for his clients and candidates to meet their needs.”
– Sandeep Gupta, Semiconductor technology executive (engineering, marketing, P&L)


“Gary has an excellent network in the analog space and is careful to analyze your specific requirements before crafting a solution. Gary is always able to source several very good candidates for a given position, no matter how specific. He is also willing to help in any way possible, often coming up with creative solutions that may not benefit him directly in the near term. I can recommend Gary without any reservations.”
– Tony Alvarez, Board Member at Sun Edison Semiconductor


“Gary knows the analog IC industry better than any other recruiter in the business. He knows the companies and key people, and is capable of sourcing top-notch talent for any technical need.”
– David Bell, CEO & Co-founder at Volta Laboratories


“Gary is a top recruiter and extremely well connected within the world of IC development. He is professional and very easy to work with. I have known Gary for 10+ years and would highly recommend him.”
– Joe Ingino, Director Fairchild Semiconductor; General Partner PYJ-Dynasty Venture Fund


“I have had the pleasure of working with Gary and his team for many years now. I have utilized his resources at the last couple of companies I have worked for. Gary and his team always get the results needed.Gary and his team are easy to work with, professional and very well networked.I feel fortunate to have a recruitment firm that I can rely heavily on knowing that they will get the job done.”
– Kelly Kayser, Director, Talent Delivery at Equinix


“Gary has done multiple searches for me and my team. He has a great number of fantastic candidates from lower level engineers to executives. I recommend Gary.”
– James Bates, Senior Vice President at Freescale Semiconductor

“Gary is an excellent person to help out with talent and talent searches. I have known Gary for several years and we interact at ISSCC events. In our interactions, Gary is always professional, approachable and honest. Gary is not just a recruiter but an expert on the world of analog and analog talent. His blog is a good read if you have not seen it, you should. I recommend Gary if you are looking for top talent or for help with a change in your career.”
– Ken Dyer, Director at Semtech


“Gary can draw upon an incredible network of Executive, engineers, marketing and Sales professionals. I rely on Gary whenever we need to recruit the industries top talent. He recruited many candidates for me in the last 10 years. He recruited candidates who were exactly the candidates I was looking for. He understood exactly the expertise I was looking for and would only send me resumes who matched my requirements. Furthermore Analog Solutions recruiters understand the different disciplines of engineering, marketing and sales quite well. They know the expertise of every candidate and can screen the candidates extremely well. Gary is straight forward and always delivers. I rely on Gary whenever I need top talent.”
– Mansour Izadinia, Senior Vice President at Micrel Semiconductor


“Gary is the Best in Analog Recruiting business !!!”
– Hedayat – Ed Daie, Director / GM / Retired


“Gary is definitely one of the best technical recruiters. He is very well connected and consistently delivers top talent.”
– Steve Lloyd, VP of Engineering at Invensense


“I have worked with Gary off and on over many years on quite a few projects. Gary is creative in his approach and effective in sourcing and helping land quality team members. If your team needs members check with Gary…”
– Jeffrey Garon, Managing General Partner CVA Partners, L.P.


“I have known Gary since the mid-90’s as I was building the Microtune team. Gary’s ability to find the best talent, not only in the mixed-signal and analog market space, but at the executive level, is remarkable. He truly understands a company’s needs and through a consultative style, brings the best candidates to the table. Gary’s professional manner is reflected in the value he brings to any organization. I would recommend him to any organization wanting to hire the best and brightest — leading to tremendous increases in shareholder value!”
– Andy Melder, Gigle Networks acquired by Broadcom

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