Retained and Contingency Search

If your unique requirements involve a high degree of urgency, confidentiality, and position market analysis, we offer Retained Search. We usually advise this level of service when your organization is most interested in marketing your need to successful candidates who are not actively seeking a new opportunity. Retained Search begins with a discussion of your requirement in detail, and preparing a marketing plan. The Plan includes the identification of your opportunities key selling points, as well as a discussion of target companies, and candidates. This method usually requires a time frame from four to six weeks from inception to completion. Retained Search is without question the most effective recruiting method available. The cost of Retained Search is usually less overall than other recruiting methods.

Contingent Search is most often selected by our clients when their requirement is less urgent.. We usually advise this level of service when you want to utilize several different recruiting methods concurrently. Time to completion may vary from four weeks to three months depending upon our workload. Our professional approach is one of being very proactive, versus reactionary in finding and helping our clients recruit the industries best talent.

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